Product Designer

Position Type: Full Time
Experience: 3-5 years experience doing design on various projects and the ability to tell the story of those engagements
Reporting to: Sr. Design Director
Organizational Focus: Software and product development; Design, Research, and Delivery
Location: Toronto, Canada

About Normative

Normative is a software innovation firm. We help companies rapidly explore and assess the potential of new software experiences with a seamless blend of research, design and engineering.

Our goal: to help leaders get their best software opportunities to market faster.

For 10 years we’ve helped our clients re-shape their business by transforming their napkin-sketched ideas into products for market release. We focus on early stage software to validate product market fit. We build and launch new startup propositions for our clients and for ourselves. We believe in treating every opportunity like it is our own business, and not just a project.

We work in small teams; we focus on great work and we hold ourselves accountable for delivering on that. To do this, we need the best talent in the market. We want to hire great people and enable them to do what they do best. You’ll be working with incredibly strong researchers, technologists and designers. We are technology, platform and, for the most part, methodology agnostic.


  • Consistently consider and drive the holistic user experience across the software products we create; thinking about all potential states, flows and steps
  • Do “just enough design” to shape solutions within an outcome-driven design process where we get into working software as quickly as possible
  • Understand the process and approach for problem framing and problem solving; able to identify and suggest adaptations or improvements to existing processes and approaches
  • Create high quality models, flows, wireframes, prototypes, mock ups and other tangible inputs into the design and development process
  • Clearly articulate and present complex design subject matter to various audiences (clients, teammates, workshops, conferences)
  • Work closely with clients and partners as one team, maintaining open communication and responsiveness
  • Collaborate on a multidisciplinary team of researchers, developers, other designers, strategists and stakeholders
  • Balance timelines, design fidelity, quality, and deadlines

Things we’re looking for

  • 3-5 years experience doing design on various projects and the ability to tell the story of those engagements
  • Someone who is outcome-driven and understands the role of design in rapidly testing and validating product hypotheses
  • A passion for technology and culture and opinions about the future
  • A growth mindset - you’re always seeking learning opportunities, you know how to be vulnerable and are eager to help others grow, too

How to apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to We appreciate the effort required in putting these materials together. As part of your job will be to reach out to new prospects, please take this as an opportunity to show us how you would reach out to Normative to request an interview. In that context, we’d also be interested in hearing:

  1. What companies you admire.
  2. Why you’re interested in working with us.

Why work for us

Normative means "as things ought to be" and that’s how we think, work and practice everyday. We seek the overlaps between our core disciplines: research, design and development because it’s those healthy tensions that allow us to push the boundaries of what we can, and ought, to do. We work on some of today's most interesting challenges. There are many other great things about working at Normative including excellent benefits, flexible work hours, extended vacation and more. Most importantly, we respect each other immensely and are here to work on complex problems together. If this sounds like you, you should apply.

Our values

At Normative, we have a growth mindset: we strive to be constantly learning and pushing ourselves to be better. We know different voices bring new ideas to the table and result in better products. Interested in joining our world-class team? We'd love to hear from you and particularly encourage individuals from historically underrepresented groups to apply.

We design your future.

Being an innovation leader means having to make difficult decisions every day with imperfect information. You imagine new possibilities, but they are obscured by the complexity of a world that never stops moving.