Eradicating Patient Neglect with AI.

Medical errors are a major cause of death in U.S. hospitals to the tune of 250,000 deaths a year

Normative partnered with a company called Inspiren to help them launch a smart device to combat one contributing factor: patient neglect. Their invention, iN is a wall-mounted monitoring device that uses computer vision, an infrared receiver and Bluetooth beacons to track everything that happens in a hospital room, from vital monitoring data to the duration of a nurse’s visit.

With purpose, privacy, and elegance in mind, iN’s design is one of a friendly and intelligent assistant that is ever watchful, never tiring, and always mindful. Placed on the wall behind the patient’s bed, iN communicates with medical staff via four intuitive colors through an interactive LED display.

The system is backed by a robust data analytics engine that analyzes data from other devices in the room, from the call button to advanced life-sustaining equipment. iN also assesses each caregiver’s patient workload to optimize staffing, and integrates with Electronic Health Records.

By automating the data capture process within hospital rooms, the system lifts the burden of data collection and charting from clinicians, allowing them to spend more time with patients at the bedside to improve outcomes.

iN is more than just a product. Developed by a collaborative team of clinicians, technologists and designers, it’s the world’s first end-to-end cognitive care system.

The iN Solution received an honorable mention in Fast Company’s 2018 Innovation by Design Awards.

App screenshot, dashboard screenshot and hardware rendering

Design in Code. Launch, Faster.

When the Inspiren team came to Normative, they had a brilliant prototype but it was far from an usable system that hospital staff could actually use.

With our “Design in Code” process, we were able to transform their concept into working software in just under eight weeks. Once the system was coded, we stopped debating the design issues on paper. We could now problem-solve against the real technical issues, hardware and material restraints, industry regulations, and psychological barriers that end users might have.

The net result? We were able to problem-solve and rapidly cycle through a series of improvements to the system, helping Inspiren reach critical milestones quickly, manage their risk horizon, and build momentum.

When Inspiren demoed the working prototype to an important stakeholder, they were sold.

Soon after, a major New York academic hospital signed on to pilot the device on their hospital floors, getting iN out of the innovation lab and into hospital rooms.

Succeeding in market is every company’s dream. Many ideas spend years mired in uncertainty. Using Design in Code, we helped Inspiren validate their idea in the real world and get to market quickly.

App screenshot, dashboard screenshot and hardware rendering

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